Life Update Part 2: Delphine et la France

Dear fellow Babblers,

Welcome back to my “Life Update” series. These posts are basically just a detour back into my last few weeks and how my life has drastically changed, having moved from sunny California to nippy Joigny.

The first post of this series was really just a deep and personal reflection of my first impressions of France and in what ways my life, in terms of my overall mentality, has changed and what it has done to my perceptions of life and the world around me. In this second post I will get into some of the places and many adventures that I have had since arriving. Of course I will not be able to include everything, but I thought it would be rather fun to bring y’all into my life outside of my blog and book-reviewing. Also… Another reason for these posts? I haven’t picked up to read a single book since I got here… YIKES. That probably wouldn’t be such a big deal if my blog wasn’t umm… well… a BOOK BLOG!!! 

Keeping this fact in mind along with my life back in LA constantly consisting of reading, buying books, reviewing books and then talking to others about books, I think it’s safe to say that my life here in France has taken a total 360. It’s not like I don’t want to read or have no interest in book blogging. It’s just the utter dream I still haven’t yet awoken from that I am truly living in France.

I still get up close to 4 AM every morning to go jogging so my workout schedule hasn’t really changed. The rest of the time I’m either roaming around town, people-watching, or just sitting down just about wherever to daydream. I recently started my new job at a local high school where I’m also living. I’ve only worked a few hours thus far but I know this is it. All the kids, though some are a bit snooty and rude, are so charming and a joy to be around. I really couldn’t ask for a greater miracle. Yes, I do find my life here to be nothing short of a miracle.

Anyways. So if I haven’t been blogging, reading or babbling books these past three weeks then what have I been doing?

Besides the settling in and settling into the drift of life in a small town how has Señorita Delphine been coping? Well call me the little traveling bumble bee!! I mean, I haven’t traveled that much, but compared to the amount of traveling I’ve done in the past I’ve definitely been quite the jitter bug!

Well my first week I stayed in a little town called Sens and spent every waking hour walking up and down the streets in utter amazement. My third day I can sure say has been the best day of my life thus far. I have finally visited Provence which has only been a place that existed once upon a slumber. Spending the whole day walking up and down quaint streets and grungy alleyways. I literally went crazy nuts when I go there, taking in everything there was to take in. With the sun beating down on my newly highlighted hair and a heart beating as loudly as shoes running against cobblestoned corners to the flower shop. I only spent one day in Aix it was one of most memorable days of my life. No amount of research or dreaming could have prepared me for this southern region. My descriptions and even my photos can do very little for the beauty of the area.

What kind of human goes to France without a visit to Paris ? It’s impossible to see all of Paris in one, two, three days, which is precisely how long I spent in the city. Day one was a lot, and I mean A LOT of walking. I somehow managed to walk from the Gare de Lyon to the Tuileries garden to the Orsay museum to the Eiffel tower and back to the Gare de Lyon all in one day. I won’t go into detail about my entire day but let me just describe it as a dream I still do not want to wake up from. Have any of you experienced such a fullness, bliss, exceedingly surreal amount of joy to the point that you can’t help but wonder why and how you’ve ever shed tears. How minimal our past troubles seem when we reflect upon it only after seeing what life is under a rainbow.

The second day of my Parisian extravaganza was spent in the heights of Montmartre. This grungy, trendy district just so happens to be the setting of my favorite movie of all time, Amélie. This is definitely my favorite part of Paris. With all the art, and timeless views, every turn is a step into wonderland.

So there is this French stereotype that Americans don’t know their geography and are completely and utterly out of touch with the rest of the world. I mean, we have Trump to deal with so why bother with any of Venezuela, Greece or Guadeloupe’s issues, right ? I usually don’t like to admit or fall for stereotypes but in this case and perhaps only in this case will I give a 1000 bonus points to the French. Us Americans, haven’t the slightest freaking clue! We learn about each and every one of the states throughout our education as if it were its own country. We briefly visit Africa and Spain, but that’s only for some background information on bloody Columbus and the slave trade!

Allow me to give you an example that adds to my point. Okay. So I’m in France, the Shengan (is that how you spell it? Can’t look up the correct spelling, given my forced upon internet withdrawal) Zone, correct? I arrived three weeks before the start of my job so I could travel the country and other places around Europe. I decide to take an early morning train from Sens, a village in the Bourgogne region where I was staying, to the Paris Bercy station. During my train ride to Paris I started weighing which countries would be most feasible to visit in a day and make it back to Sens without missing the last train out of Paris. Brussels in Belgium, given that they also speak French there seemed to be my best bet. Upon getting off the train I strutted my stuff up to the information window to attempt to ask for help. I say “attempt” because some French people have the notion that if your native language is not French than they should just “be the bigger person” and switch to English… Umm.. Rude much!?!?! Like no. I’m here to speak French, NOT English. I’m so sorry my French isn’t perfect I’ve only studied the language for a year and half, and mind you, IN THE FREAKING U.S.! *Phew* Okay, sorry for the random tangent guys. Long story short the bimbo at the information desk decided to be a douche and speak English and give me instructions on how to get to Brussels which would cost be close to 250 euros. Oh no. You haven’t heard the best part of the story yet… That 250 will take me TO Brussels, but sure as heck not back. Round trip 500 euros? There goes my daily burrito dinners!

Like any civilized American, I stuck my middle finger up at the priss priss and waltzed right out of that piss hole station. I mean, I could have just stayed in Paris for the day which is not at all a loss given that it’s, umm… PARIS! But I really had my heart set on visiting another country for the day which is exactly what I did…

I walked then to the Gare de Lyon which is the station you want to head to for traveling anywhere else in Europe from France. I looked up at the trains departing early. I saw Marseille, which I visited already, and still remains my favorite place in France. Yes, I love this crime region more than I love posh and pretty Paris. Don’t ask me why, I just do. There is Milan, Geneva, etc. My eye twitches when I come across Zeurich. Oh wait. Spelling error: Zurich. Why is this important ? Just you wait, kiddies.

I’m like “oh hey, cool. Germany! That sounds like fun. And one way and back without pointless train changes? LEZZZZ GO!!” The next train was to depart in five minutes so I quickly made a bolt to the kiosk and mindlessly paid for my ticket without even looking at the price. Please don’t ask me the price… you don’t want to know… Lets just say I’m a hella broke whore today. I proudly rush to the correct train and plop onto a comfy chair, ready for a scenic ride, apple juice on demand. I’m way too excited at this point alright. I mean, for all I know I’m on my way to Germany! *WHOOT WHOOT* I settle in, take out my phone and start texting this super cute guy I met a while ago. I tell him I’m going to Germany. This sexy little apple pie wants to know which part of Germany. All giddy and clueless I type “Zeurich!” (again, with the spelling error). And can any of you guess what he replied?!?! Please just shoot me now…: “Zurich? Ça est en suisse, si je ne dis pas des batises.” Translation? SWITZERLAND!?!?!?! I’m on a train, in a dress, to the freaking Alpes! Switzerland! HELPPPPPPP!!!!. Bad planning on my part.

So now y’all know what I mean when I say that us American have the brain the size of a teeny weeny noizette when it come to geography. I mean, Switzerland was pretty, a bit too pricy for my taste, or any young person’s wallet but I got a pretty red coat out of it, a full 259 euros… I can’t help it, I love fashion.
Switzerland, in no stretch of the imagination was on the top of my bucket list, but it turned out to be a beautifully quaint day trip… until I saw my bank statement, but lets just not go there.

I could go on and on about my first few weeks living in France but given that I just spit out a boatload of nonsense to y’all I think it’s better that I shut my pie hole now. In the next, and perhaps final post of my Life Update series I’ll give y’all the inside scoop on my “professional” adult life as a teacher in the high school here in Joigny.



Yours Truly,

My internet connection should finally be coming up pretty soon and by the time this post is up it will be here! By then I will finally be returning to my much beloved and missed book review posts and reading discussions. Perhaps by then we could go back to Delphine, the book blogger ?

Ohhh, and please do yourself and my feeling a favor by not judging on the format of this post, it looks like turd – I know guey. 

22 thoughts on “Life Update Part 2: Delphine et la France

  1. Haha, that is so funny. When I first read Zurich, I thought Switzerland, wow! That’s cool. But when you wrote Germany, I thought, “Huh, maybe I got it wrong!” But no…I didn’t. Yay me! Glad to see you’re exploring and taking advantage of opportunities! Love the pictures, great touch. Hope you enjoyed Zurich! Looking forward to part 3! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hahaha at least you saw Zuerich :-). I can’t believe you just hopped on a train and off you went… I hope you come to Belgium some time, maybe we could meet up, I’ve never met another blogger and you’re even more ‘exotic’ to me being from the US 🙂 ! You don’t have to worry here, if you speak French in Brussels they’ll be happy to speak in French. I’m sure there are cheaper Thalys trains but you have to look when to reserve them to get the best price.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was DEFINITELY quite an experience that I was not expecting, but at least that’s another country to cross off my bucket list – haha. Ahh yes! I will definitely be coming to Belgium, I was actually planning on going that very day, but given that I’m not good with directions (obviously) I wanted to take a direct train somewhere. But yes, Belgium will be a go to and I would love to meet!!!
      Oh wonderful, my French needs as much practice as it can get so I’ll be super-dee-duper relieved and I heard the people in Belgium are an absolute delight so I really want to go.
      I’ll probably do the bus option (I’m a cheap ass I know – haha).
      After my Zurich experience I’m trying to count my pennies -lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You heard the people in Belgium are a delight whaha, that’s a first :-). Depends which people you ask.. I used to help tourists here with directions.. usually wrong directions so now I just say I don’t know. It is actually more helpful :-). Cool! Let me know when if you have a date… the Thalys is super easy though and goes from Paris to Bruxelles-Sud, starting at 26 EUR one way..


  3. Hi fidan. This is Adolfo. Find out if you can get the monthly euro rail pass (if it still exist) it worked great for me moving all over Europe in a budget. Love from grandma and me.


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