A Living Survivor | Blogging Announcement

Dear fellow Babblers,

Beginning the new year Delphine’s Babble on Some Good Reads will undergo a bit of a transformation. Since the launch of my blog back in May I’ve happily gathered a group of about 560 followers that I am so grateful for. I originally began blogging as a way to find out and discover what it was I wanted out of life. I was going through a rather tough time and could we say crisis over what I wanted to upon graduating. It was May at UCLA and students were bright with enthusiasm and hope – faith that they would soon see that six figure salary. There was confidence that that rigorous applied mathematics and microbiology degree that earned them ten years worth of debt would pay off and finally make them fee that they earned a place in the world. Having a Comparative Literature and French degree is pretty interesting, but not much goes beyond that. But that’s wrong. So so so wrong. Art – literature, painting, theater, languages – proves great faith and trust in humanity. A math or science, even politics degree is an accomplishment and never ceases to amaze me, but that’s just not me. Aesthetics has, from a young age always been where my heart has been. However with reality stealing my happiness away from me, I was scared and feared graduation. I had no plans, no ideas, and no call-backs from possible employers. That’w when the idea of a book blog came along and Delphine’s Babble on Some Good Reads was born. Blogging and communicating virtually with others about books and book trends managed to lift my spirit and give me my voice back. However I still felt a certain void, almost as though I was sitting on the outside and watching the world pass right before me without little more than a wave goodbye. That’s when I discovered the nuance between living and surviving. Staying at home with my cat reading, drinking tea and writing incessantly was keeping my head above the water but it did not send me shooting through the waves. This is why I’m here now, in France, no longer in Los Angeles to announce the opening of my book blog to include such experiences. And which experiences ? Travel – connections with other worlds, peoples and cultures. 

In less than twelve hours from when I’m writing this post I will be on a bus towards the city of waffles, chocolate everything sweet, nothing too bitter – Belgium. This is only the beginning of a fifteen-day-long trek that will take be through Brussels, Amsterdam and Dublin, ending finally in some of the greatest cities in Morocco – Agadir, Marrakech and Rabat. This, of course will not be my first time traveling as I have been doing lots of wandering in our world as of late. However, it is the coming of this trip that has given me the idea to open my blog up to include some of my own personal experiences as a solo woman traveler…

Let’s retrace just for a moment. What is Señorita Delphine even doing in France ? Well, I’m in France, on a contract, as an English assistant and am hoping to have a contract renewal to give me another year and finally enroll in a masters program in the south of France which will ultimately help me find a permanent job to stay in France, never again to return to the United States. That is not to say I do not love where I come from but I’m sure we all have that one experience, one place – one feeling – that gets makes us realize yes, this is where my life is. I do not live in any major metropolitan city like Paris or Lyon but rather in a very small town, about an hour between Paris and Dijon called Joigny. Most of my time is spent alone or in class as there is not many places to see and not many things to do in my town. It is lovely, just out of a postcard with a river dividing the town and small boulangeries baking fresh bread every morning. My life is quiet here and I’m living a new lifestyle in tranquility where I can finally hear my own thoughts and feel my own movements.
It is here, in this lost town in the Burgundy region that I discovered the what I earlier mentioned of the nuance between surviving and living. In Los Angeles I was surviving – I was just barely making it through and was keeping my safe from danger, adventure and any sort of risk. Stepping into France and a small town in particular has shown me that there is so much for than sky high buildings, 24 hour supermarket and stuffy offices. There is an entire world of mysteries out there seeking to be discovered.

And so my travel journey has begun. Before relocating to France I have traveled to Nicaragua, Spain and London. A decent amount for a 22-year-old American. Visiting these countries did very little in terms of my perspective and ideologies. I cannot quite say why or what changed when I came to Joigny and had this epiphany. It was probably the sudden realization that I have a spirit, a body and a place in the world and I can do anything I choose with it. Since coming to France three months ago I have managed to travel through much of the country as well as visit some neighboring countries such as Switzerland and Italy. I have also recently returned from a short venture through Malta. However not even these beautiful places gave me the sudden realization that I was finally living.

So what was it? The planning for my upcoming trip. Yes, that is it. The stress, headache and anxiety that came with finding people to stay with, finding the cheapest flight tickets, and listing the best places to visit in the time span I would allow myself. Researching, reflecting and setting everything in order is what made me realize that I was finally taking my place in the world as a free spirit – someone with a mind, courage and capability to simply live. And so it is because of this that I have decided to expand by blog from a place of book babbles to also include travel babbles. My blog has always, despite it still being young, been a place of creativity and inspiration for me. It has given me a voice and place to write what I think feel and want from the book industry such as authors, publishers and other reviewers like myself. However, it has only helped me survive. I was still blocked from reality by a clear film of illusion. Traveling has shown be a way to step through this film and finally live a life of wonders and wanders.

Everywhere I have thus far traveled, including my trips before having moved to France have been alone. As a young woman with an ethnic background I have decided to share my experiences, tips and thoughts on each country that I from now on visit. I want to bring my readers with me on my voyage throughout the world. Reviews, author interviews,weekly memes and tags will not disappear. Delphine is still a book babbler but she is not just a surviver, she is a liver. I, Delphine, live for my spirit and plan on taking my readers, through my posts, where my spirit takes me, whether that be in North Africa, Central Europe, or somewhere lost in the Mediterranean.

I hope to share with you all the new life I am embarking on, or have embarked on, just have not realized so until now. It is adventure, snow, sand, sun, storms, camels, planes, buses, mosques, blue buildings, dingy hostels that I am looking for. Being alone I will get into the nitty gritty as well as offer some tricks that I have come along during my many struggles traveling through an unknown place, and believe me when I say many MANY struggles. I will therefore creating a new category from which can be found all travel-related posts: D Wanders.

Everything amazes me, nothing does not give me passion to wonder more. And through my words, pictures, and videos that I take during my excursions I want to give other survivors out there the inspiration to step through the clear film and into life as I see it now – a place of color, movement, noise and complete bliss, no matter what the struggle, pain, or hopelessness, as it is all life, a hodgepodge of us as human beings.

With that being said fellow babblers I want to wish everyone a merry and safe holiday season with their friends and family.

Feel free to connect with me on social media or send me an email if you have any questions, comments, ideas, or suggestions – and this goes for books just the same as I am still your every moon book babbler with lots to say about the latest and classic young adult novels that our writers have to offer! So toodles and talk to y’all in approximately 15 days!

Yours Truly, 

(All photos and videos are my own)

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