Wanderings | Belgium and that Low Life

Dear fellow Babblers,

Welcome to the first official post of my new “Wanderings” section of my blog, formerly a “book reviews” only portion of the blogosphere. And the first stop of this new tour is the city of warm waffles and candy chocolate: Belgium. I spent four days in Brussels and while I could write to you about the usual tourist attractions or my new love affair with the city’s people why don’t I give my lovelies some dummy tips. My short stay in Brussels earned me a lovely and wacky reputation as the chick who does the Michael Jackson jig drunk off sangria, jack & coke, plus a good ole round of shots. So lets get straight into locita Delphina’s 72-hour-long drinking and partying exhibition. I’d love to talk about more, but I really don’t remember – yup, I was really that out of it. Oh, wait, before I go on, if you are mami or papi please stop your reading NOW. You will no like how this continues, and I prefer to think of me as your innocent Fifi who visits museums and sits in the corner of her room with a book in hand. So unless you are my parents, please…read on into my cray cray Belgian experience – a trip to remember not just for the parting but the emergence of a whole new me… who would ever have thought a book geek could partayyyyy… fun sure, but not something I would like to take part in again. Just give me back my books and fruity mango smoothies and allow us to call it a day. Continue reading “Wanderings | Belgium and that Low Life”