Wanderings | 2018 To-Wander Itinerary

Dear fellow Babblers,

2017 was a year of great change, heartbreak and hope for me. I finally managed to leave the abuse of my past behind me as I worked on my health and illness. I managed to graduate with Latin Honors as well as make it on the deans list at UCLA, receiving a double bachelors in Comparative Literature and French, with a focus in Art History. I made the greatest decision of my life by leaving everything – mami, papi, Evin, Haruki, my books and basically all that has come to define me – behind and relocated to France. Up until this point in my life I have always considered myself a simple girl with a mean streak, pleased enough to spend weekends at home cuddled up with Haruki and some YA releases. Little did I know that by moving halfway across the world I would discover a soul, that was bursting to free itself from inside my very body.

Fast-moving, barely containable, heart skipping Wanderlust. From the moment I stepped out of Charles de Gaulle airport all but five months ago I have discovered, and continue to unravel the belly-aching yearning that I have suppressed for so long. I have been surviving off of story worlds and fictional figures which, all up until now, have quenching my desire for faraway places and gleaming possibilities. Until now, I have stood on the outside, blocked from life in these dreams by a blurred out screen preventing me from mattering. Wanderlust has given everything books, despite my love and attachment to them, has not: a new life of wandering, adventure and freedom to be who I always dreamed of: me.
New Years I was in Agadir, Morocco. I began 2018 as a Wanderer and, not to make any new years resolutions as I don’t follow such short-lived absurdity, I will, not plan, but will continue as my this new spirit has continued to spark inside of me.

2018 will be a year from beginning to end and into the years to come, as endless Wanderings and its my To-Wander Itinerary that I want to share with my fellow Babblers today as we are almost through January.  Continue reading “Wanderings | 2018 To-Wander Itinerary”