Wanderings | Amsterdam: Go, Just Go

Dear fellow Babblers,

If any of you read my earlier Wanderings article you’ll be well aware of my Belgian, or not so Belgian, visit to Brussels – complete with endless shots, cigarettes, and embarrassing moments vomiting on strangers in clubs that I, now having regained my sobriety, fail to remember apart from being escorted out rather aggressively by security.

Amsterdam: city of WWII history,bikes, Van Gogh and negative degree whether has brought back down to the daughter mami and papi raised – calm, sweet, art enthusiast and book nerd hermit, Delphine.

So, for today’s post I thought I would share with you all my innocent meanderings through this beautiful city as well as my brief day trip in Zaanse Schans, an adorable windmill town smelling of baked chocolate (for real though!) just north of Amsterdam.  Continue reading “Wanderings | Amsterdam: Go, Just Go”

Discussion: How Does the Blog Sparkleee

Dear fellow Babblers,

I’ve been writing on Delphine’s Babble on Some Good Reads for about seven months now. It has since then undergone some radical transformations from being a neutral place for book reviews, to also a personal diary onto which I expose my innermost raw thoughts to an insider travel manual. Lately, I’ve been doing some serious philosophical reflecting on this and what these changes my blog has seen come to define me as a human being, apart from this virtual cosmos we find ourselves lost within.

Book Blog. Book Blog and Diary. Book Blog and Diary and Traveler Reflections. This is all me. This is not 1 + 2 + 3 different bloggers. In the beginning stages of my blogging journey I believed that the blog is completely separate from the existence of it’s voice, the blogger, almost in the same way Descartes tells us the mind is separate from the body. Sitting here writing this post almost 8 months later, I now see where and how the blogger and the blog become one. It is only by fallen into unbearable lows and sadness, lifted up again and then fallen down yet again have I come to realize that the blog exists to sparkleee. And what exactly about the blog sparkles ? The blogger, course. All of the blogger’s ups downs, laughs and tears are like those clear currents that evoke the sea’s movement.
What has given my blog it’s voice, originality – everything that it is – has been me: Delphine the reader, the emotional disaster, the wanderer.

It took me some exhausting pondering to reach this seemingly common sensical conclusion, but now that I have I want to share what it is about the “me” that makes the blog “sparkleee“.  Continue reading “Discussion: How Does the Blog Sparkleee”

Review: Everything I Never Told You | Nothing Lydia Ever Forgot to Forget

Title: Everything I Never Told You

Author: Celeste Ng

Publisher: Penguin Press

Publication Date: June 26, 2014

Genre: Adult Contemporary, Diversity

Rating: 5 Stars

Dear fellow Babblers,

Everything I Never Told You is the debut novel of Celeste Ng. It is gripping and broke my heart from the first page. The more I read the harder I found it to continue. The pain and wrenching knots that gathered in my heart are the reason I am giving this book five stars.

Reading is about feeling and becoming part of the world of the characters and finding oneself part of the events of the story as they are unfolding. I felt as though I existed and that my tears actually mattered in this book. Heartbreak, trauma and broken love, home and trust bring this murder mystery together, to which I found myself a bound soul and outcast all at the same time.

I was drifting between each of the characters minds and went back and forth between narrative time, myself coming closer and closer to solving the mystery that turns over and results in a collapsing, yet already fractured mixed-raced family: who, if anyone, is responsible for Lydia’s death… ?  Continue reading “Review: Everything I Never Told You | Nothing Lydia Ever Forgot to Forget”

Wanderings | Belgium and that Low Life

Dear fellow Babblers,

Welcome to the first official post of my new “Wanderings” section of my blog, formerly a “book reviews” only portion of the blogosphere. And the first stop of this new tour is the city of warm waffles and candy chocolate: Belgium. I spent four days in Brussels and while I could write to you about the usual tourist attractions or my new love affair with the city’s people why don’t I give my lovelies some dummy tips. My short stay in Brussels earned me a lovely and wacky reputation as the chick who does the Michael Jackson jig drunk off sangria, jack & coke, plus a good ole round of shots. So lets get straight into locita Delphina’s 72-hour-long drinking and partying exhibition. I’d love to talk about more, but I really don’t remember – yup, I was really that out of it. Oh, wait, before I go on, if you are mami or papi please stop your reading NOW. You will no like how this continues, and I prefer to think of me as your innocent Fifi who visits museums and sits in the corner of her room with a book in hand. So unless you are my parents, please…read on into my cray cray Belgian experience – a trip to remember not just for the parting but the emergence of a whole new me… who would ever have thought a book geek could partayyyyy… fun sure, but not something I would like to take part in again. Just give me back my books and fruity mango smoothies and allow us to call it a day. Continue reading “Wanderings | Belgium and that Low Life”

A Living Survivor | Blogging Announcement

Dear fellow Babblers,

Beginning the new year Delphine’s Babble on Some Good Reads will undergo a bit of a transformation. Since the launch of my blog back in May I’ve happily gathered a group of about 560 followers that I am so grateful for. I originally began blogging as a way to find out and discover what it was I wanted out of life. I was going through a rather tough time and could we say crisis over what I wanted to upon graduating. It was May at UCLA and students were bright with enthusiasm and hope – faith that they would soon see that six figure salary. There was confidence that that rigorous applied mathematics and microbiology degree that earned them ten years worth of debt would pay off and finally make them fee that they earned a place in the world. Having a Comparative Literature and French degree is pretty interesting, but not much goes beyond that. But that’s wrong. So so so wrong. Art – literature, painting, theater, languages – proves great faith and trust in humanity. A math or science, even politics degree is an accomplishment and never ceases to amaze me, but that’s just not me. Aesthetics has, from a young age always been where my heart has been. However with reality stealing my happiness away from me, I was scared and feared graduation. I had no plans, no ideas, and no call-backs from possible employers. That’w when the idea of a book blog came along and Delphine’s Babble on Some Good Reads was born. Blogging and communicating virtually with others about books and book trends managed to lift my spirit and give me my voice back. However I still felt a certain void, almost as though I was sitting on the outside and watching the world pass right before me without little more than a wave goodbye. That’s when I discovered the nuance between living and surviving. Staying at home with my cat reading, drinking tea and writing incessantly was keeping my head above the water but it did not send me shooting through the waves. This is why I’m here now, in France, no longer in Los Angeles to announce the opening of my book blog to include such experiences. And which experiences ? Travel – connections with other worlds, peoples and cultures.  Continue reading “A Living Survivor | Blogging Announcement”

Review: The Princess Mutiny | Swish Swash Goes the He-She Pirate

Title: The Princess Mutiny

Author: L.J. Surrage

Publisher: Self-Publication

Publication Date: March 13, 2017

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary,

Rating: 3.5 Stars

I was recently sent The Princess Mutiny from the author, L.J. Surrage in exchange for an honest review.

Dear fellow Babblers,

Hummm Diddddd Eeeee Dummmm. Yes, I did just start a book review with nonsensical jibber jabberish… Not so sure how I feel about this one or even where to begin. And I do not mean this in a negative way there is just so much that happens in this book and nothing is as I had anticipated. Good ? Bad ? Actually a mix of both. For readers looking for a mystical action-packed tale of with a twist of romance and happily ever after endings please turn away and go find Peter Pan because The Princess Mutiny just ain’t it. Now, with logistics out of the way lets get into it, as there’s so much to talk about.  Continue reading “Review: The Princess Mutiny | Swish Swash Goes the He-She Pirate”

Delphine Wanders | B*A*M Delphine Wanders More

Dear fellow Babblers,

Goodness freaking frocking ficking f**king gracious! I don’t even know how I manage to let so long go by without getting onto wordpress! I especially miss reading all my dear lovelies reviews and bookish posts (special mention goes to: Alex at coffeeloving bookoholic, Noriko at Diary of a Bookfiend, Angela at Books of a Shy Girl, Dani at Perspective of a Writer, Michenko at ReadRantRock&Roll, Ally at Ally Writes Things and Inge at The Belgian Reviewer) – please check out these kiddos’ pages – they’re MY inspiration as a true and devoted and artistic book blogger. I mainly haven’t been on much because I’m a bit embarrassed to say that I have not been reading as much as I used to.

Once upon a time in a run down apartment in the heart of Los Angeles Señorita Delphina made it through 1000 pages in less than a week with the help of a cuddly little kitten by the name of Haruki. And then France came to steal her heart and her time…  Continue reading “Delphine Wanders | B*A*M Delphine Wanders More”

Review: Rarity from the Hollow | Uhhh…Come Again?!?!

Title: Rarity from the Hollow

Author: Robert Eggleton

Publisher: Dog Horn

Publication Date: November 3, 2016

Genre: Adult Fiction, Child Abuse, Mental Illness

Rating: 2.5 Stars

I was recently sent Rarity from the Hollow from the author, Robert Eggleton in exchange for an honest review.

Dear fellow Babblers,

I’m disturbed. I’m perplexed. I’m just confused. Like seriously. What in the great land of big foot’s name did I just read ? This story goes back and forth, up and down, sideways, vertical – in every possible direction you can imagine with little time to catch up or even get a grasp on what’s going on. A book which could have potentially been such a masterpiece, giving a realistic account of child abuse and the obstacles of childhood has let me down. From the very beginning this is a bizarre work of fiction that I cannot say I would recommend to anyone to read.  Continue reading “Review: Rarity from the Hollow | Uhhh…Come Again?!?!”