Currently Listening To | Blue Devil

Dear fellow Babblers,

It’s been a blue devil of a week. A week of rain. A week of tears. A week of foolish burns over a toaster. A week of going home smelling like sour milk and banana bean smoothies. A week of developing a little crush on a special someone only to have those little flutters crushed with the piles of garbage I bring out of work every night. A week of muscle aches. A week of going to sleep at the hour the rest of the world is heading off to start their days. A week of misfortunes. A week of lies. A week of lonely nights. A week of wretched news. A week of hypocrisy. A week of feeling lost, alone – brutally left in a city that may never sleep, but alway feels to be sleeping to me. A week that has left me drowning in a puddle in a New York gutter left behind by my own tears.

On a happier note, I have a confirmed internship at a major magazine beginning my first week of school so, as I say, everything in my life may be aching, but nothing is broken and will ever be broken. With that being said, cheers to not-so-great weeks and to all the oh-so-great weeks to come!

And so here is to the playlist that has, despite everything wrong that seems to be unraveling in my life, still keeps my muscles from snapping, leaving me broken and hopeless. Because with music, there still remains a bit of pep in my trippy step…


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Wanderings | Paris Behind a Lens

Dear fellow Babblers,

Every few weeks I spend three days in Paris to dream. I come to Paris to dream about dreams, to dream of dreams of dreams. In Paris dreams and art are one. Dreams and art are created on off the other and it’s this coexistence between the two that brings me back to Paris, making it harder and harder for me to leave again each time. I often come to Paris and walk, observe and photograph moments, daily life and the art of the city, becoming a part of my own art. Ever since I’ve moved to France I’ve become increasingly fascinated with the art that I’ve discovered living within all the big touristy sites of Paris, but also even within it’s garbage piles. This post I’m writing off a stream of consciousness to share with all of you my fleeting and lasting impressions of Paris and how I’ve managed to capture the artistic capital of the world behind a lens. Continue reading “Wanderings | Paris Behind a Lens”