All The Little Loves of My Life

Dear fellow Babblers,

I’ve been having a pretty banal past few weeks. Just a usual cycle of comings and goings. I’m taking a month long break from traveling and am going through wanderlust withdrawl. It’s Monday but the day of the week doesn’t really mean much to me as I’ve fallen into my own sort of circadian rhthym that doesn’t seem to fall in with the rest of the world. I’m in between choosing from four different masters programs, am planning out my upcoming trips (a return to Morocco coming soon!), all the while making ends mean with my part time teaching job.

With all the changes happening in my life, this morning I got around to thinking about love. And why did this idea wake me up? Because although I’m often sad or desperately seeking solitude, there is so much in life, in my life that I can say that I love, and so I thought I would share my concept of love to give sleepy Monday some hope.
Love is something delicate and fragile. It can happen unexpectedly when that special someone walks into your favorite Starbucks. It can be destroyed unknowingly leaving your breathless and unwilling to trust again. Children, spouses, partners, single swingers all carry a spark inside of them where love grows and glimmers with time. That special someone or something that makes our life our treasure, a treasure that we share by being.  Continue reading “All The Little Loves of My Life”

A Living Survivor | Blogging Announcement

Dear fellow Babblers,

Beginning the new year Delphine’s Babble on Some Good Reads will undergo a bit of a transformation. Since the launch of my blog back in May I’ve happily gathered a group of about 560 followers that I am so grateful for. I originally began blogging as a way to find out and discover what it was I wanted out of life. I was going through a rather tough time and could we say crisis over what I wanted to upon graduating. It was May at UCLA and students were bright with enthusiasm and hope – faith that they would soon see that six figure salary. There was confidence that that rigorous applied mathematics and microbiology degree that earned them ten years worth of debt would pay off and finally make them fee that they earned a place in the world. Having a Comparative Literature and French degree is pretty interesting, but not much goes beyond that. But that’s wrong. So so so wrong. Art – literature, painting, theater, languages – proves great faith and trust in humanity. A math or science, even politics degree is an accomplishment and never ceases to amaze me, but that’s just not me. Aesthetics has, from a young age always been where my heart has been. However with reality stealing my happiness away from me, I was scared and feared graduation. I had no plans, no ideas, and no call-backs from possible employers. That’w when the idea of a book blog came along and Delphine’s Babble on Some Good Reads was born. Blogging and communicating virtually with others about books and book trends managed to lift my spirit and give me my voice back. However I still felt a certain void, almost as though I was sitting on the outside and watching the world pass right before me without little more than a wave goodbye. That’s when I discovered the nuance between living and surviving. Staying at home with my cat reading, drinking tea and writing incessantly was keeping my head above the water but it did not send me shooting through the waves. This is why I’m here now, in France, no longer in Los Angeles to announce the opening of my book blog to include such experiences. And which experiences ? Travel – connections with other worlds, peoples and cultures.  Continue reading “A Living Survivor | Blogging Announcement”